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Facebook is turning out to be a all-in-one site. But still users are demanding more features on Facebook. Personally I would love to see features like Voice chat, dislike button and threaded comments. I have made a list of 10 features which Facebook lacks and should think of introducing in near future:
Dislike button1) The Dislike button : Facebook’s like button is adding new stuffs everyday. First status, photos, videos then Facebook pages, web pages and now you can like the comments too. In order to maintain the symmetry Facebook must introduce a dislike button. Several groups with thousands of members on Facebook are demanding this and there are big debates going on the web about the dislike button.
2) Threaded comments :
Threaded comments
Threaded comments on reddit
Like on WordPress blogs , Digg, Reddit , we would love to see threaded comments on Facebook. It would enhance the conversation. Threaded comments means ability to reply the comments too. Facebook recently added “Like” for comments which is a step closer to “threaded comments”.
3) Changing Profile themes :
Change Facebook theme
Unlike Twitter and Myspace, you cannot change your profile theme on Facebook. You need to be satisfied with the default blue layout. We want some features like ability to add a background image to our profile, change 3-columns to 2-columns layout or change the blue-theme to other colour.
4) Voice and video chat : We have talked about an application allowing Voice and video chat on Facebook. About a year ago, news had spread that Facebook is working on Video chat but it seems that it cancelled it. But its demand is high can be proved by the fact that an application allowing Video chat has been liked by more than 150,000 people on facebook.
5) Facebook Email ( : There has been news that Facebook is working on a Gmail killer. It would replace the Facebook message feature with Facebook email which means you will own an email address with You will be able to send and receive emails directly from Facebook to other email services as well.
6) Photo editor : After you upload a photo on Facebook, you can edit your Photo somewhat by rotating. But we want more photo-editing features on Facebook like cropping, resizing, merging two photos and so on.
7) Uploading larger resolution photos : When you upload a photo of high resolution, Facebook automatically compresses it has makes it smaller. The highest resolution you can upload currently is 720.
8 ) File upload : Apart from photos and Videos, we want the feature of uploading other files like office documents, pdf files.
9) Geo-tagging Facebook status and photos: Like Twitter and Flickr, we want geotagging to be enabled in Facebook status and Photos. It would be great to know where a friend is posting his status from.
10) Increase the Friends limit from 5,000: The maximum friends you can have on Facebook is 5,000. This has created problems to many Facebook users. I have even seen some people creating two facebook accounts as they cannot add more than 5,000 friends in one account.
Do you want these features to be added in Facebook? Do you want some other features to be included? Please comment.

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