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Revver is the first viral video network that pays you money for your own videos uploaded by this website. It works really simple, any ad revenue generated by your video is split 50:50 between you and Revver. Since ads are attached to the video itself and dynamically served wherever your video travels, there’s no restriction on how your videos are distributed.

You can also earn 20% of ad revenue for sharing videos by other Revver members. The remaining revenue is split 50/50 between the maker and Revver. Best of all is that this service is completely free for anyone!

What kind of Videos to Upload ?

Your video must be at minimum 4 seconds long. This is because it can take up to three seconds for the ad to be delivered to the end of your video once someone starts watching it. We do not have an upper limit on length of video so long as your file is under 100MB.
Supported video formats for upload are: MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, AVI (including DIVX)
Upload as many as you like as long as you’ve created them. There is currently no limit to the number of videos a creator can upload.
Since ads are attached to the video itself, there’s no restriction on how your videos are distributed. The more people email your video, post it to other websites or download it from P2P networks, the more money y

How to Get Paid ?

After 30 days, earnings move left into your “pending payment” column, and once you have $20 or more in your pending payment column you will receive payment on the next payment date. So, minimum payout with this service is $20.00.
The cut-off date for each pay period is the last day of each month, so to receive payment in, say, February, you need to have a pending payment of at least $20 by Jan 31. Payments will be made by the last day of each month to all accounts that had pending payments of $20 or more on the last day of the previous month.
Payments are available through PayPal payment system. You can request payments for this service once you earn minimum payout requirements.


Revver is unique and one of the first services that allows you to share ad revenues directly attached to your uploaded videos using this service. It’s really good way to do something you like, share your videos and earn money while you doing this.
You can earn reasonable amount of money if your videos have many views – note that more views means more click on advertisements and of course that means more money on your Revver account. If you like uploading and sharing online videos on the similar services over internet – this is great way to do that… and be little paid with it.

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