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Every year most popular search engines releases the stats which are the compilation of the most searched queries of the year. All popular search engines on internet have released their own top search terms in this year, and they might be interesting for you.

If you own a website, it is always good to know what is popular and in trend at the given moment. If you react fast and provide some quality work, you will success. As 2010 comes to a close, it is time to check out which terms was the most popular in 2010.
It is important to note that all these search terms are based from United States of America traffic. Stats from other areas may be different.

Google Top Search Terms in 2010

Google’s top search engine terms is also known as Google Zaitgeist. There you can see some detailed stats about search engine terms on a global or a local areas.
Here are the 10 search queries that grew fastest in 2010 (USA):
  • ipad
  • chatroulette
  • iphone 4
  • world cup
  • justin bieber
  • myxer
  • facebook
  • grooveshark
  • glee
  • mocospace
On this page above you may find much more information and stats. Discovering which keywords was the most popular in different niches and much more.

Yahoo! Top Search Terms in 2010

Yahoo is one of the most popular search engine today. Serving billions of search queries each year with thousands of satisfied users and members worldwide.
Here are top 10 most popular search queries in 2010 (USA):
  • bp oil spill
  • world cup
  • miley cyrus
  • kim kardashian
  • lady gaga
  • iphone
  • megan fox
  • justin bieber
  • american idol
  • britney spears
Yahoo! has a great website which shows a whole Year in Review. Showing you the most popular trends and keywords from this search engine, allowing you to find some other good information.

Bing Top Search Engine Terms in 2010

The Bing is a web search engine from Microsoft and it is one of the three most popular search engines on internet. Let’s see which terms was the most popular in 2010 from this search engine.
The most popular overall 2010 search queries in 2010 (USA):
  • kim kardashian
  • sandra bullock
  • tiger woods
  • lady gaga
  • barack obama
  • hairstyles
  • kate goosselin
  • walmart
  • justin bieber
  • free
You can also see the most popular people searched in 2010 on Bing from their official blog. Interesting thing to notice there is that Kim Kardashian has received roughly 20% more searches than the second most popular search term on Bing in 2010.

Top 10 Search Terms on All Search Engines

So, let’s now look which are the most popular search engine terms on all search engines was in 2010. Including all above search engine query stats from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Top 10 overall search engine terms in 2010:
  • Justin Bieber (Celebrity)
  • World Cup (Global event)
  • iPad (Apple’s gadget)
  • iPhone (Apple’s gadget)
  • Kim Kardashian (Celebrity)
  • Lady Gaga (Celebrity)
  • Chatroulette (Online service)
  • BP Oil Spill (Global event)
  • Megan Fox (Celebrity)
  • Swine Flu (Global event)
So, what we can learn from this? We have here 4 celebrities, 3 global events, 2 popular gadgets and 1 online service. So, we can guarantee that the most popular searches on internet in USA (and probably worldwide) are related to the celebrities. Following with global events, Apple products and online services.
I would  like to know what do you think about these stats and what do you expect in 2011? Feel free to comment below to share your opinion with others!

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