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1. Near Field Communications(NFC)

The technology is currently offered only by a handful of smartphones, but mobile-payment services using NFC are expected to expand in the near future. By launching an NFC compatible iPhone 5, Apple will gain the upper hand on most smartphone makers. There are already competitors that sport this great feature so Apple should really consider this.

2. 4G connectivity

4G networks are faster than regular 3G services and the iPhone is the only gadget that can speed up the building of 4G networks across the US. We already have the Photon 4G but it can’t compare with iPhone’s notoriety.

3. GSM and CDMA support

By blending GSM and CDMA capabilities into a single smartphone, Apple can turn the iPhone into a world-phone, thus being available for a bigger number of carriers.

4. Edge-to-edge display

A bigger screen would be very useful since it would allow users to visualize more information on their smartphone’s screen. We’ve recently published some interesting concepts with the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 successor possible edge-to-edge displays.

5. Bigger, faster camera

Rumors have it that the next-generation iOS smartphone will integrate an 8MP camera and the flash unit will be separated from the camera so as to reduce the red-eye effect. Leaping from the “old” 5 MP camera will be a more than welcomed improvement.

6. A5 processor

The A5 processor has increased the processing speed of the CPU by two times and improved the performance of the GPU by a staggering nine times, compared to A4’ performance. A smartphone powered by the A5 processor will definitely be a killer. It will also help the iPhone 5 boost its gaming capabilities.

7. Fireproof iPhone

Apple could manufacture its upcoming iPhone 5 using fireproof halogen-free resin that does not catch fire, should there be a short circuit in the hardware. This could make the iPhone into a top-notch resistant piece of technology.

8. Carbon fiber case

For all those customers out there who are craving for lighter devices, Apple appears to have the right solution. The company could use fiber carbon to manufacture the case, thus replacing aluminum.

9. AMOLED screen

Apple could give up using the current LCD screen and switch to Samsung’s AMOLED screens, recent rumors suggest.

10. Glasses-free 3D capabilities

Apple picked up the “Three-dimensional display system” technology patent last December. The technology allegedly lets users view 3D images without glasses.

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