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Revenue sharing sites provide an easy way for anyone to make money online. There are many different kinds of revenue sharing sites out there. One of which is photography revenue sharing sites. Photography or image revenue sharing gives you the opportunity to make easy money by sharing your images online. Here are 6 image revenue sharing sites where you can make money sharing your images:
You can upload and host unlimited pictures on shareapic, and invite your friends and family to check them out. You get $0.22 for every 1000 views you get on each one of your images. Minimum for payout is $20.00, which will be paid via pay pal or various gift card methods such as If you have an account with Bidvertiser, you can add your code to your image and gallery pages, and earn extra money Bidvertiser account as well.
very simple and straight forward method. Upload your photos and every time one of your photographs is downloaded, you earn money. The payout rates for individual images differ from $0.25 to $28.00 USD per download.
Upload and publish your photos on picable
They have partnered with Triond, and created a photo revenue sharing service, where you can upload and publish your photos, and earn money for sharing your photos.
A great Photography revenue sharing site where you can earn money from sharing your photos. You must have a Google ad sense account (its free). After submitting your photos, your ad sense code will be placed on your profile and download page. And they will share 80% of the revenue generated by Google ad sense ads with you. 80% is a lot!
You can get paid to share your photos, videos and even blogs. They give you 100% of the revenue generated by your pics and videos, which is great.
A fairly new photograph revenue sharing site, which is growing quickly. Upload video, photo and blog and earn money. You can use Google ad sense to monetize your pages. The best thing is that you get to keep 100% of the revenue generated.

To ensure you earn a decent amount of money, upload as many photographs as you can. The more photos you share, the more money you earn. Of course, it is silly to think that you can make a lot of money doing this, but none the less, its an easy way to make money easy in free time, sharing photos that other wise would be forgotten.