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Many bloggers and webmasters makes loads of money with direct advertising technique on own web sites or blogs. With this advertisement technique, you can earn money by selling anything valuable on your blog or a website. Best thing about this ad technique is that you earn 100% of revenue for your advertisements! All money from direct advertising technique goes directly to you!

Direct Advertisement Techniques

There are many direct advertisement techniques available for you. It’s all depends on what do you need exactly. Below is the list of the most popular direct advertisement techniques.
  • Sell Banners – You can allow your visitors and customers to purchase an image banner advertisements on your pages. Bloggers and website owners usually limits time to 1 month (or longer) for each advertisement on your pages. Price is determined by you only of course.
  • Sell Reviews – You can sell permanent reviews on your blog for a specific amount of the money. You don’t need to use any third-party service to find advertisers for your site, most of them will take commission from each paid review – this way you get all money you want.
  • Other Techniques – From time to time, you can receive special advertisement offers from your visitors. Be open for every advertisement technique from them. But don’t accept types that you don’t want to. These techniques can be related to special advertisement methods and types you don’t support officially.

Convert visitors to a Customers

To notice your visitors to advertise on your blog, it’s very important to give them all necessary informations and reasons why should they advertise on your site. This can be done with your own Advertise with Us page.

On Advertisement page you should include following informations:
  • Site Rankings and Traffic – Let your customers to know where they are advertising. These informations are the most important for an advertiser. They will see how much you get visitors per day and how popular your site is. According to these informations, they will buy ad spots on your site.
  • Advertisement Types – It’s good to place an advertisement offers for your potential customers. Place here your own prices for each advertisement plan you provide. It’s always good to provide some informations for discounts of your ads – this can attract customers too.
  • Images and Graphs – Place an images of your advertisements and graphs of your stats on this page. To show your potential customers where their ads will be placed on your pages. Placing an images and graphs on this page can convince customers to buy advertisements from you.

Payments and Prices

As I have noticed, all revenue from Direct Advertising goes directly to you. For that, you should use some kind of payment systems available on the internet. I’d recommed you to use PayPal – the most popular and widely used payment service on the internet.
Also, prices for your advertisements shouldn’t be so high. You can re-edit a prices if your site get’s more and more visitors from time to time. But don’t place expensive price for an advertisements, specially if your site is new. Believe me, you won’t fool anyone with this.
Customers wants to buy effective and productive advertisements that can give most appropriate results for them. It’s all determined by your site traffic, simply because the more visitors and traffic to your site means more and more potential clicks on your advertisements.

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