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Low-cost 16-bit MCUs have real-time features

The RL78/G14 low-cost 16-bit microcontroller family (part number R5F104xx) features advanced real-time control capabilities and comes in 10 package types with 30 to 100 pins. The devices have dual 64-MHz-capable 16-bit timer units for precise control of low-end motor systems.

The processors have a data-transfer controller (DTC) that enables memory-to-memory data transfers without using the CPU and event link controller (ELC) that allows direct connection between peripherals, bypassing the CPU and the interrupt controller. The ICs also have multiply/divide, and multiply/accumulate instructions and come with 16 to 256 Kbytes of flash and up to 24 Kbytes of RAM. They operate from −40° to 85°C, with 105° optional. ($0.88 ea/10,000; R5F104ACASP 32-Kbyte flash, 4-Kbyte RAM, 30-pin SSOP package — samples available now.)

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