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I did not post link building article for a while, so I have decided to show you my own strategy that really works. As I said before, link building is all about getting quality links back to your website.

There are actually several strategies anyone can use to rank higher in the search engines, and I will present you some of the most effective link building strategies I have discovered over these years.
This article contain no any third-party tools and services. So you can use this strategy completely for free!
I have divided all backlinks which are important for this strategy into 3 different layers (tiers), displayed in this simple scheme below:

Link building layers.
As you can see, there are 3 different layers in every successful backlink strategy. Including the following:

Indirect Layer

This is a very effective layer today, completely depending on popular social networks and online services.
This is an indirect layer because you, as a website owner can not directly affect on number and quality of links to your website. And they actually do not point directly to your website!
The indirect layer consists of:
Since links from most of these sites are no-follow, you would not get any improvements from most links displayed on these sites. The indirect layer strategy is great for getting a semi-quality traffic to your website!
Semi-quality Traffic because:
  1. Visitors may not be interested in what are you saying,
  2. Visits from these sites are not important for search engines,
  3. Visitors may leave your website as soon they land on it.

Direct Layer

This is a second-tier layer in this link building strategy. It may get you some quality visitors but it is targeted to get these links some weight.
Search engines (in most cases) may “count” these links as valid and include them in your website rankings.
The direct layer consists:
Today, this is one of the most popular link building strategies. All you need to do is to write down an article, or submit your website to a directory to get some link juice for your own website.
Links from the direct layer method are counted by search engines, but they have no too much weight. They are more valuable then links from the indirect layer, but much less worth than targeted niche links.
This layer does not have much potential to draw you some quality visitors. Links from this layer are created mostly because they are counted by search engines like Google, Yahoo! or a Bing.

Niche Layer

This is a third layer in this link building strategy. All links created in this layer are quality and may get you much more results than any other method. But, of course, they are also harder to get.
A niche layer would get you both – a high quality visitors and a highly valuable link that may be important for your own website ranking on search engines.
It is known that links from the related websites, blogs and forums have much more value than links from other “random” places.
A niche layer consists:
  • Guest posts on popular sites in your niche;
  • Followed comments and forum posts on targeted sites;
  • Links on .EDU and .GOV sites.
A niche layer link building strategy is a time consuming method of gathering links. But it is definitely the most effective one.
Probably the easiest way to get a top-quality targeted link to your website is through a guest posts. You can try to submit them on almost any website or a blog, because most website owners support them. You can also add a guest post on this blog.

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