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Are you facing watching your favorite movies in blueray movies. I have faced the same problem and after a year i solve the problem. So, the problem is while you are watching the video it freezes or the screen stuck and go to another screen. This problem is a big issue for a lot of old laptops. I heard lot of people not able to watch and always think that is actually software problem or my computer configuration might not enough to play the videos.

Most of the problem what i faced watching : blue ray RIP (BR) , HQ , HD and others.

Sometimes i play a avi file which is more then 700 MB but still blue ray rip which is only 300 MB it freezes.

So i hope you are having the same problem as i faced.

So what is the solution for this ? is it a hardware problem ? is it software problem ? is it because my computer do not have enough configuration.
Answer for all the question is : NO

Solution for blue ray HQ HD video freezes while playing

This solution will work for all laptops or even desktop.
1st of all lets check your laptop cooling fan. Is it working fine. While you are playing the video is your laptop is cool.I guess the answer will be no.The problem is your processor and AGP get heated and not able to
 process the blue ray/HD/HQ data processes. So, if you have a better or higher configure laptop i guess you will not face that problem. But still with old laptop you will able to over come this problem by simple methods.

  • Add new cooling fan in your laptop.   

  • Add cooling pad in your laptop. 
    • Always keep your laptop in a cool place.

    • Before watching any videos turn off your laptop for 10 minute.

    So still you are not able to watch the videos. I guess you need a better idea to solve the problem. The idea is you will need a table fan or a small or even big fan as you like. Then put the fan just near your cooling fan.Most of the cooling fan located in laptop corner side.Now all you have to do is place the laptop in such a place so that the wind/air coming from the big/bracket fan is going all thought your laptop. Must important part is down of your laptop. So it will be best if you just put 4 peace of anything near 4 side of your laptop so your laptop will be slide up.So the wind/air will able to enter down to your laptop.

    Most of the laptop always get hot down so you always have
    to keep your laptop cool down. Always place laptop somewhere that the heat is not conducting. If you place a fan near your laptop like the big/bracket fan your laptop will never get overheated even it will be cool always and you will able to work with your laptop more easily.

    I hope this tutorial will going to work for you.If you face problem understanding any part of the tutorial please feel free to ask. Share your experience thought comments.


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