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On our previous post, I have show you what every landing page should have included. Giving you information what is most effective for every landing page our there.
Today, I am going to show you some main landing page optimization techniques. Or how to successfully optimize your landing pages in order to get more leads and sales through it – attracting potential customers to make some action.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

Landing page optimization is a part of online marketing process simply called “conversion optimization”, with a main goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that become sales, leads and customers.
Landing page optimization aims to provide landing page content and prepare it to be more appropriate to the target audiences. All of that in order to get more leads, sales and to convert your “regular visitor” to potential customer.

LPO Process

A landing page optimization process is complex and requires some knowledge. It is actually series of experiments which includes the following:
  • Audience research
  • Traffic source concentration
  • Targeted product(s) research

Audience Research Process

An audience research process is a complex and requires deep statistical analyze of the traffic in general. This process can be basically separated into:
  1. Audience nature – Research your audience nature to find out which audience might be interested into your product. Taking all important aspects when researching. Important information gathered from this process are very important.
  2. Audience behavior – Try to find out what your targeted audience like to do or in what they are interested. This process can help you to decide which product you want to sell to which kind of audience.
  3. Audience potential – There you have to discover or research your audience potential in general. Ask yourself questions like do they have enough money to buy that specific offer from you, or are they trust you enough to spend money through your own landing page?
This research process is crucial for your landing page success. And if you exactly (or at least closely) know your audience, you are on the right track.

Traffic Source Concentration

This is a second process in optimizing your landing pages. This is the step where you decide which traffic works the best for your landing page.
Any different service or a product requires a special and a highly-targeted traffic to get most potential and earnings. So you need to concentrate on traffic which have most effect for products you are offering.

There are two most effective traffic sources:

  • Organic (search engine) traffic – People who are coming from the search engines are highly targeted and they might be ready to purchase a product or a service you are offering easily.
  • Mailing list traffic – The most experienced website owners knows that money is in the mailing list. The bigger the mailing list is – the more money you can get out of it. I absolutely agree with this.
As you can see, I have not listed any paid-traffic type. I think that you can get most out of it and earn much more than you spend on your campaign. A very good example is a Facebook Ads platform, which allows you to advertise your own affiliated products and services to the targeted visitors.
These two above traffic sources are most effective free types of traffic. But you would need to have a lot of time and knowledge to set them up to work properly for you.

Product/Service Research

This is probably the most important step in landing page optimization process. You need to carefully think about which products or a services you are going to offer to your potential targeted visitors.
Consider all above steps and decide which product/service you are going to present on your page. The success of your conversion might highly highly depend on the selection of your affiliated products and services.
The most important thing here is to choose a highly targeted affiliate product. The more related product means more conversion from all potential visitors to your affiliate product landing page.
Next time I will write all you need to know to create an effective and productive landing pages on Facebook!

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