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Interlinking posts is a very powerful technique that might improve your overall blog quality. It is especially
useful for SEO and increasing your overall page views.

Internal linking is a process where you link back to your old blog posts. This might help you to get more views from the visitors and increase your overall blog post quality coz it helps them to find what they are looking for easily.
It is important to regularly dedicate some time to go over old posts on your blog and find ways to update them with newer links to your old/new posts.

Why interlinking is important

There are three main reasons why interlinking is important for your blog. Showing you why to interlink your blog posts regularly.
  1. Useful to your readers – This should be your primary motivation for interlinking posts. These links might improve your blog quality by providing a better overall experience for your blog readers. If a reader comes to a blog and finds a post that not only answers their question, but also provides a further quality reading, they are more likely to go away from your blog satisfied. These readers are more likely to return to your blog later.
  2. Increase page views – Internal linking of your blog posts increases the chances of a blog visitor to view more than just one page on your blog before leaving. When someone views more than a single page on your blog, they are more likely to remember it, subscribe to it, comment upon it, and eventually become a regular and loyal reader.
  3. Search Engine Optimization – Links for search engines are most important. While links from other quality and related websites are ranked highly when it comes to SEO, but internal  links also count.  You should remember that.
If you take some time to update your old blog posts regularly, a blogging experience for you (and your readers) might get significant impact.

How to interlink old posts

There are many methods of interlinking posts from your archives. In most cases bloggers use these three methods below:
  1. Natural post links – This is the most natural way to add links to an old post. Involves using a targeted keywords in your new post to another post of that specific keyword. I often use this method.
  2. Link updates – Sometimes posts in your database become dated and they requires some kind of a revision. You can revision them manually, or simply write an updated post on the same topic, then leave a link in your older post to the new one.
  3. Related posts – Many blogs have a Related Posts section at the bottom of each post. This is a good way to improve your interlink quality. While most bloggers automatically generate these lists using a plugin, I find that adding links manually can produce the best results.
When you linking between posts it is always important to use the most relevant keywords to the article you are linking to.
This might maximize the SEO benefits of the link and help you rank higher for those words in search engines like Google.
It is also important to make interlinking process a regular task. I suggest you to take some free time each day to interlink some of your old posts. I think you can spend 10-15 minutes every couple of days to look out for opportunities to do this.

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