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If you have study SEO, or read about it on the internet, you have come across term “backlink” at least once – it’s for sure! Backlinks are very important for proper SEO score for your web sites or blogs. Backlinks are the links that are directed to your web site. Also called Inbound links. The number of these links (which targets to your web site) indicate your site popularity and increase your SERP positions!

Backlinks are very important for your SEO, specially because some search engines (specially Google), gives more credit to web sites which have higher number of quality backlinks. This gives you better positions in search engines, and may improve your traffic drastically! When most modern search engines crawls your web site, they calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they also consider number of quality inbound (backlinks) links to that web site.

Quality Backlinks

There are two main types of backlinks to your web site
  1. One way backlinks – This type of backlinks gives you more quality potential and much better results than second type. One-way backlinks are links that point to your web site from other web sites that are not included into your web site or blog.
  2. Reciprocal backlinks – This type of backlinks is not popular these days. Search engines doesn’t care about these links like they do before 5 years. I’d recommend you to concentrate to one-way backlinks which would give you much better results and functionality!

How to get One Way Backlinks ?

Creating one-way backlinks to your web site, guarantees you better search engine positions and your link popularity, which gives you much better and quality visitors mainly from search engines to your web site or blog. The main question is how to force others to link to your web site.
The best possible way is to keep your website filled with quality and unique contents regularly. When some webmaster or blogger comes to your website, and read something helpful, they would probably linkback to your web site in their post or home pages.
This procedure and process takes much more time than other link building techniques, but once you get better traffic through your web site, it will drastically improve your rating and one-way quality links to your pages. For this technique, you need to have patience and let the nature to do the job! I will write about these links more in my next posts, so stay tuned!

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