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YouTube is the most popular online video sharing service. With millions of uploaded videos, it is a great way for self-promotion and to watch online videos easily on internet. Many talented individuals make they way to success through this service.
Anyway, YouTube is a completely free service. Allowing you to upload unlimited number of videos and present them to the potentially large audience. Some of you might know that you could actually earn money through your videos. And for others, I would like to show you how!

There are two ways to earn money from YouTube: direct and indirect way. YouTube has been used as an additional way to make some extra cash online.

Direct Way

Direct way to make money from your own uploaded YouTube videos is that you can make some money from ads displayed on your video page. It is based under a simple process and it works just like any other PPC (Pay-Per-Click) program on the internet:

Ads are displayed inline within video and right next to it.
Of course, advertisements are served by Google AdSense – the most popular online contextual advertising network on the internet.
Good example that anyone can make money through YouTube is a girl Magi. She has over 70 millions views from her uploaded videos and over 100.000 subscribers.
Interesting thing is that she upload her videos using a webcam. I am sure she has a very good amount of money from revenue she generates through her videos.

Indirect Ways

There are more than one indirect ways to earn money through your YouTube videos. There are many video sharing communities on internet which allows you to embed YouTube videos.
Earning money through these sites is directly connected to your AdSense account and you will make money from your videos – displayed on other sites rather than YouTube.
Popular sites which allows you to share the revenue from your own YouTube videos are Flixya, Mediaflix and many others. Anyway, you can allow your videos to share revenue with any viral video website or service on internet.

Related videos gives you traffic and views from other video pages on YouTube.
YouTube is an open community. Anyone can share any video on it as long video creator allows that. You can choose to allow others to embed your videos and generate revenues from other sources. This is good, because most people would like to share some videos on their sites.
YouTube provide income opportunity for anyone. Allowing any YouTube publisher to generate some revenue from nice inline advertisements displayed right into videos and on your video pages. I am sure some popular publishers makes some good amount of money from it.
YouTube is not only good for that, allows you generate more traffic to your source website, more revenue sharing and more views for your own uploaded videos.

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