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Driver powers 32 strings of LEDs for direct or segment-edge-dimmed TVs

Targeting mainstream direct or segment-edge-dimmed TVs, the 32-channel iW7032 dc/dc LED backlight driver can power up to 32 parallel strings of LEDs, with 15 LEDs per string, to power 480 total LEDs from one IC. The driver is based on the company’s digital adaptive switching technology with integrated MOSFETs that reduce thermal overhead and power consumption, as well as component count, form factor, and costs for dynamic backlighting.

The driver provides three real-time dimming control modes. Local dimming mode (120 mA) turns the backlight off in dark areas leading to deeper black levels and improved contrast ratio. Scanning mode (240 mA) minimizes flicker and ghosting problems to reduce motion blur. Finally, the 3D mode (480 mA) delivers the current and brightness required for 3D images.
Features include a 9 to 28-V input supply voltage, current matching of ±2% between channels, a PWM dimming range from 1% to 99.9% with 10-bit resolution, and SPI interface support. Comprehensive safety features include: LED-failure (open and short circuit) and over-temperature protection while operating, and LED open and over-temperature protection at startup. ($3.80 ea/1,000 — samples available now.)

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