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On of the most important factors for every web site or blog is it’s niche. Niche is theme your web site or blog is about. For example, if your site is related to webmaster tools and stuffs, then it becomes in Webmaster niche or theme. Of course, you know that’s very important thing for every web site or blog. I will show you here how to pick up and choose right niche for your own web site or blogs.

First of all, you need to know what do you want to write on your web site or blog. How often you want to update your site, and which visitors you want to target on your web site or blog. These are the most important facts that you should know before you even start.

What do you Know

It’s very important to write about things you know something about. Don’t post things and posts on your sites that you don’t know – or know very little about it. Think about on which niche you can write about. Note that if you choose bad niche, after a few posts you won’t know what to write further. And that of course, reflects on your visitors and your subscribers and community.
I recommend you to try out to write down some ideas. Also, good way is to create first 10 articles on niche you want to build on your web site or blog. You should always try to write about things you like! If you like things you write about, you will like to post more recently, and of course improve your overall ratings with constant updates that way.

Most Popular Niches
There are a lot of web sites and blogs for any – but practically almost any niche you are searching about. The only thing you should do is to choose right and most appropriate niche for yourself. Good and popular niches are: Games, Webmasters, Software, Downloads, Social Networks… and other similar – highly popular niches.
Note that these niches are my favorite. I have seen a lot of popular web sites, forums and blogs related to above mentioned niches.

Go Further

Also, very good way to create good and quality niche for your web site or blog is to choose unique and as more detailed niche you can get. For example, let’s say that I want to write about Webmaster stuffs on my web site… to be more specific I’d choose following:
Internet > Webmasters > Blogging > Development
So, let’s say that I’d go with Blogging development on web site and niche. This way, you can get more detailed and specific visitors from search engines and other web sites. This is actually beauty of the internet – you can write whatever you want, anytime, anywhere!

Find your Competition

Good way to build up your niche in professional way is to search other popular web sites, forum boards and blogs, related to your own web site or blog niche. That way, you can post on them, browse through and find ideas for your blog very fast.


Niche development is very important factor for every web site and blog. It’s very important to choose and pick up good and quality niche for your sites. Once you get it started, there’s no way back – so keep note about this!
I hope that I have help you to choose right and good niche for your own sites.

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