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Pabeboss is completely free website analyzer tool for your web site or blog. Using this service, you can easily find out more informations about your site. With this tool, websites and blogs are able to access to a variety of their statistical data. Blog and website owners are suppose to analyse their studies regularly in order to improve thier projects. The process of analysis, which is a requirement to succeed in interactive projects, could cause time and performance losses, if it would be made manually by the owners of blogs and websites.

The data coming from this free service is an important instrument for blog and website owners to shape their projects. Moreover, with the help of the badges blog and website owners can share the statistics about their projects with their visitors easily

Analytic Tool Includes following informations:

  • Google – This tool analyze your Google rankings, including PageRank, Backlinks, Indexed Pages, Directory, Trends support, Analytics support and Bot’s last visit.
  • Yahoo! – Analyzes for you informations from Yahoo! search engine. Including Indexed Pages check, Inlinks, Directory inclusion and Yahoo! Buzz inclusion number.
  • Live Search – Of course, this tool allows you to show informations from Microsoft Live Search. Gives you information about Indexed Pages and Backlinks through this search engine.
  • Alexa – Tool that gives you most infos like: Alexa Rank, Speed, Backlinks, Stats about who visit your site (from which country) and Traffic rank in other countries.
  • Netcraft – shows your Netcraft rank.
  • Dmoz – Allowing you to see is or not your web site is included in Dmoz directory.
  • Technorati – Gives you statistics and information about your Technorati rank and Backlinks through this service.
  • – Collects and shows you informations about Links and Categories your site is included into this service.
  • Quantcast – Shows “Quantification” support for your web site or blog.
  • W3C – Shows stats and informations about your sites Related to full support of XHTML 1.0 and W3C CSS support and option.
  • Twitter – Shows your site twitter and Twist ranks and support.
  • Way Back Machine – Shows and displays informations about your site inclusion and support on Way Back Machine service.
Additionally, this service shows your site name, title, thumbnail and overall homepage HTML size. Allowing you to see if your site has support for Sitemap.xml and/or Robots.txt support. Also shows when your site is created, where it coming from and it’s IP Address.


This is very quality and easy-to-use web site. Useful specially for bloggers and webmasters. Shows you many quality and necessary informations about your site from multiple sources and search engines. Allowing you to see more statistics from just one place.
This service is available in three different languages: English, Deutsch, Italian and Turkish. Allowing even more functionality and productivity for more people and visitors. I absolutely recommend you to try this free service.
PageBoss Analytics Tool

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