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Revenue sharing sites provide an easy way for anyone to earn money online. There are many written content revenue sharing sites, image revenue sharing and etc. Sites that offer revenue sharing, share a percentage of their earnings with their contributing members. One of the most popular forms of revenue sharing sites are social networks. Here are 8 social networks revenue sharing sites, where you get paid to network with your friends and family.

Newsvine - a Revenue Sharing Social Network
NewsVine is a property of MSNBC. It is a site where users post news in any category. At NV you can do investigative reporting, post opinion pieces, and post anything that could be newsworthy. They make money selling advertising space on pages you create when you post news and information. You earn 90% of the advertising revenue generated from ads on your pages.

Meyouworld- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
A fairly new but unique social networking site. You get to keep 100% of the income earned from ad Sense on your post pages.

Yuwie- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
Yuwie is a social networking service, which allows its members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends. The don’t have a flat rate for sharing revenue generated by ads. The rate is determined by the amount of revenue generated from advertisements in any given month. Members are paid via Paypal and AlertPay.

GibLink- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
GibLink is a powerful social networking site, with a clever idea behind it. It’s basically a social networking site where entrepreneurs, small business owners and home-based business owners can promote their websites and businesses. You get to share ideas with others and others will share their ideas with you.

MyTripBook- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
MyTripBook is a social networking a platform where you can sign up as a travel guide. You can record your travel diary, all of your trips and travel experiences, and share it with others, along with photos and videos. The revenue earned from ad sense ads displayed on your pages will be shared with you.

Mylot- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
One of the first revenue sharing social networking site and one of the fastest growing ones. You can earn by staring discussions on different topics, posting responses or comments to other discussions, news or blogs and referring friends.

Lazzeo- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
To earn money with Lazzeo, you must have an AdBrite Publisher account. AdBrite is simply an alternative to Google ad sense. register for free and place your ad code on your profile page. You can add photos, videos, content and anything you like to your profile. Revenue generated by Adbrite ads displayed on your profile page is shared with you. The more interesting your profile is, the more people will visit it, which means the more money you can earn.

Rateitall- a Revenue Sharing Social Network
RateItAll is a community where people can write and read reviews about any kind of products and services. You can earn money by, writing reviews, creating a user profile with a picture and referring others. The advertising revenue associated with those contributions is then shared with you.

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