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10 Most Effective Ways to Promote your Site Free of Charge

Website promotion and marketing techniques are one of the most important things for every single blogger or a webmaster out there. Promotion of your website gets you new visitors, traffic and subscribers – we all know how necessary are all these!
Today, there are many tools and places where you can promote your website. Some of these ways are paid-ways and some of them are completely free! I am going to show you the most effective FREE ways to promote your website(s) right now!

Promotion of your website would not get you only the traffic and visitors. Having more links to your website from other sites through the internet, you might get a better search engine rankings. Making your positions better on the search engine result pages.

1. Guest Blogging!

Guest blogging is probably the most effective and useful free-method to promote your website or a blog for anyone. Yes, anyone can write down some quality articles and send them for confirmation to a blogger.
Guest blogging is usually done in 3 simple steps: 1.) Find the most popular blogs in your niche, 2.) Write an article you think that can be accepted on that blog and 3.) Send an article to that blogger using contact form.
Do not forget to mention your name and your website URL. If your article gets accepted, you would get one-way quality link from a quality and related source! You can add your own post on this blog through our guest blogging page form!

2. Comment on Blogs in your Niche

Community is a very important on the internet. If you want to get maximum effects – you would need to be a part of your community! By that I mean to be an active member of it. Leaving a comments, subscribing on blogs and discussing are only a few ways to do that!
If you read some related blogs in your niche, you should try to post comments to share your own opinion with other similar-minded people. This would not only help you to learn something new, but also to build your own community as well.
On most blogs you would be able to put your website URL and name. Allowing others to visit your own website right from your comments. This is a very good way to get some quality and related audience for your website – especially at the beginning!

3. Participate in Related Forum Boards

Today, you can practically find at least one quality forum board for every single niche available online. Allowing you to be a part of bigger and more-related community than any other method.
Forums are actually an online discussion sites – completely concentrated to the community. Forums are good places to find some more information about your niche, discovering new ideas and asking others for help if you need it.
A popular way to promote through forum boards is to place your own links into your signature. This can attract some quality visitors to your website completely for free! Every single quality visitor is a very important for your future growth!

4. Ask Others for Link Exchange

Through link exchanging is less popular these days, mostly because of the Google AdSense TOS which does not allow you to pay for them – it is still a very popular way to build up your link network and get some quality related visitors.
Of course, you can still exchange links with other related sites – but make sure not to pay for them! You can always ask others to exchange links with them, making their links visible on your site for your own link from their site.
This technique would get you a better inbound link quality of your website, making it to be more popular on search engine result pages. The more links you have to your website, the better PageRank your website gets eventually.

5. Social Networking

Today, a social networking is very popular way to get some quality and related traffic completely for free. Some websites gets thousands of visitors from sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious…
Be sure to post social network sharing button on your post pages. This way you allow your visitors to quickly submit your page to social network websites easily and without using any additional third-party applications and services – with just a few clicks.
You would newer know which article is going to be popular through these networks. All you need to do is to create quality articles and let your visitors to spread it through the internet.

6. Create your Twitter and Facebook

Almost every popular service, blog or a website has its own Facebook or a Twitter page these days. Allowing visitors which use these services to follow them, ask their own questions and simply know what are you doing.
These specialized services allows you to communicate closely to your website visitors and share your own opinions with them. These services allows you to share a links to your website (usually when you update it) with them, letting them all to know when something is changed on it.
Your followers can easily share your status with others, allowing you to get a better traffic completely for free.

7. Use Specialized Site Directories

There are many places on the internet which allows you to submit your own website completely for free. Giving you a better link ratings and getting a few visitors completely for free!
Some good examples are directories like Technorati, BlogCatalog or Google Directory. On these sites you can easily (and for free) submit your websites and get some quality one-way links and some free traffic for sure.
Directories are specially god for your link development strategy. You would not get so much visitors from them, but links through most of these directories counts – and that is probably the most effective way to get a better rankings on search engines.

8. Edit your Email Signature

If you send a lot of mails to your email account, you should consider to place your links to your email signature. These links are displayed for anyone who open and read your mail and it can be a very good way to attract some new quality visitors.
Today, the most email clients already support automatic signature creation. Allowing you to easily set your signatures for every single mail you sent through your email client. Additionally, most popular web-based email clients have this function too!
Instead of your website URL, you should place your Twitter or a Facebook page link into your signature. This is a very effective way to get some additional traffic for free.

9. Create your Product

If you know a bit of programming, web design or any other skill, you might use it to promote your website or a product through it for free!
This is a very good way to get some traffic permanently to your pages. Some good examples are free software releases, facebook applications and free theme designs that allows you to place your own links into a footer or somewhere inside the application you have developed.
This can get you a lot of traffic, especially if your own product gets popular. Making it an ideal way to promote your product and a website(s) as well!

10 Word of Mouth Strategy

Word of mouth is popular these days among other bloggers and a website owners. This is a strategy where you promote your own website in communication with other people, such us face-to-face communication.
Do not be afraid or shy to talk about your website or a product every time you get that chance when you are hanging out with your friends or when you are surrounded with people you know. It is important to note that this strategy can be a very useful for you!
Ask them what do they like (or not) on your website. That can help you to improve some vital parts of it, making it to work properly and more effectively.

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